Conference System

TOA Conference System ( MAX 210 units )
The TOA TS-770 Conference System is a high performance, easy to install, use and expansion. TOA Conference System can expand up to 210 units by connecting 2 additional Central Units. The TS-770 does away with the need for a conference hall with professionally and permanently installed equipment for small-to-medium-sized meetings. Setting up the TS-770 is quick and easy. The basic requirements are simply to attach the Chairman TS-771 and Delegate Units TS-772 to the system's Central Unit TS-770, and connect each Delegate Unit, accordingly.

TACH Conference System ( MAX 26 units )
TACH conference system is an economical small scale system with the capacity of up to 26 units of microphones ( 1 unit MB60 with 25 units MB50 ). The system is suitable for small to medium office, corporate and school conference room. Circuit loop design enable easy DIY deployment of the system.