Wireless Microphone

Mipro ACT-707H

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Buy 1 unit: RM 1,114 each
Buy 2 - 4 units: RM 1,104 each
Buy 5 or more units: RM 929 each

• World's first ACT-technology. Once you press the [ACT] key on the receiver panel, the transmitter channel is rapidly and automatically locked to the receiver.
• Maximum 148db SPL is achieved by the proprietary "Photo-cell Coupling" high dynamic range modulation circuitry.
• Advanced efficient transmitting and low power consumption circuitry design with 2 AA batteries provides long operating hours.
• LCD panel displays group, channel, error code and battery meter status simultaneously.
• Integrated antenna, fine-crafted and ergonomically-designed housing.
• Extremely low handling-noise feature leads the competitors.
• Detachable upper microphone grille designs for easy after sales services and replacement.
• Unique dual steel microphone head-grille design for anti-pop noise, suffers no impact damage when dropped.
• The supercardioid vocal capsule with high fidelity, wide frequency response, high dynamic range, and transient response contributes the best sound quality in the digital audio age.