Pay via Online Bill Payment :

1)    Logon to

        * Enter your Username.
        * Enter your Password.
        * Click Login.

2)    Go to Online Bill Payment

        * Click Open Payment.

3)    Payable to Taching Electronic Sdn. Bhd.

        * Select Payee Category: Retail and Shopping
        * Select Corporation Name: Taching Electronic Sdn. Bhd.
        * Click Next.

4)    Complete the Payment Details

        * Select your account to make payment from.
        * Enter the given Proforma Invoice or Invoice No.
        * Enter your contact telephone no.
        * Enter the amount shown on the Proforma Invoice or Invoice
        * Effective Date: Today
        * Click Next

5)    Payment Confirmation with TAC

       * Click Request TAC to get TAC from Maybank2U's SMS message
       * Enter TAC.
       * Click Confirm

6)    Transaction Successful Receipt Printing

        * Print Receipt and Fax or Email to Taching Electronic Sdn. Bhd.
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